Part of the Grid

Since 1986 when I got my first computer, a Commodore 64, I've been locked into the Grid.

I've been around almost every aspect of home-computer programming including:
game-development, intro/demos, musiccomposing, graphical effects for both Commodore 64 and Commdore Amiga 500.

Today I work with PCs, smartdevices, SQL-databases and webdevelopment professionally.


  • Software architecture
  • Designing protocols
  • Buidling GUI
  • State-machines
  • Object-oriented design
  • Multiplatform/Crossmedia
  • Smartdevices
  • AI/pathfinding
  • Asset managing

It's amazing how much more fun computers are once you learn how to squeeze that extra bit of power out of them.

CMS websites

Back in 1997-2000 I was working in commercial-company doing websites and other interactive solutions.

I found that we wasted a lot of work, doing the same job over and over, so I sat down in my spare time and designed a reusable administration system that would allow us to re-use most of it for each new customer project.

My boss turned my idea down after I had explained him the benefits, as I said it would take me 3-6 month to develop this product.

After the company closed down, I decided to build my idea: a Content Management System and thats been part of my company productline since 2002.

Game development

I develop games for webbrowsers, smartdevice systems such as Android and Apple iOS.

More about gamedevelopment

Webdesign for the grid

A good webdesign involves a strong structure behind it. As a professional webdeveloper I co-work with a lot of graphical artists and together we build our webdesigns on grids.

Webstatistics and visitor tracking

There is a lot of value in logging visitors behaviour in computer systems. I created this product to simplify the process of decoding these data for my customers.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

I publish free technical tricks on my social media accounts when I find interesting stuff that could be usefull for my followers.

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Feel free to send me a mail if you have questions to my skills or wanna sign me up for a project

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