Welcome to my collection of Commodore 64 stuff

On these pages I will try to collect the good stuff from those great old times, secondly I will post links about usefull utils/tools that will make your old hardware work even better today.

Mostly Commodore 64 stuff, it's done with love for the old 8-bit machine (6502) as it was my start into this industry. I'm not sure I ever will have enough time to get back into real business/coding on this great machine again.

I might compose some chipmusic or something, but the amount of old tricks you'll need to produce anything beautiful today, would take too long for me. Sadly enough.

But I do wish to re-run some of those many old games and demos. Thats why I will keep these pages and update them. I hope these pages might bring you some information you will find interesting too.

Carsten Berggreen alias Scarzix