Commodore 64 SID music (MP3 format)

All these MP3's are homemade and converted from Commodore 64's SID with a piece of software I found on the Internet.

I composed these tunes back in the late 80' and those named with CZ_ are tunes from a game I developed with 2 of my friends back in 1989-90.

At release time it was rename twice, so it ended up being called Combat Zone, but we've learned afterwards that that name was occupied too already. Damn! :-)

SID tunes by Scarzix

cz-loading-waiting(shortend)(filtered).mp3 (1,4 MB)
cz1-game-over.mp3 (58 KB)
cz2-buy-equipment.mp3 (721 KB)
cz3-highscore.mp3 (2,1 MB)
cz4-get-ready.mp3 (102 KB)
cz5-main-score-filtered.mp3 (5,5 MB)
cz5-main-score.mp3 (5,5 MB)
cz6-in-game-music-filtered.mp3 (1,6 MB)
cz6-in-game-music.mp3 (1,6 MB)
galactix-v1(triangle-vector-demo)(filtered).mp3 (964 KB)
galactix-v2(lotus-intro-tune).mp3 (4,4 MB)
impuls(filtered).mp3 (3,6 MB)
jingle(the_loop)(filtered).mp3 (1,7 MB)
rolling(filtered).mp3 (2,0 MB)
tecnochip(filtered).mp3 (2,1 MB)

Please notice that the sound quality is not 100% correct emulated with the software I used for the conversion, but this is the best I could do without having to invest a lot of time on making cables and reviewing a bunch of old C64 floppy discs!

I have thought of remixing and redoing some of the tunes with todays sounds and keyboards, as I have found a lot of nice examples on the net - but I am not sure when I will have the time for it.

Carsten Berggreen alias Scarzix


Greetings to JCH, I owe you a lot of credit for your time and effort. Secondly for lending me your sound-editor. Thanks for all Jens!

Visit VIBRANTS a group of musicians including JCH, who today are making music and sound effects on various computer platforms.

Stone Oakvalley's 6581-8580 SID project

Thats a site I really want to mention too, as it was build by a guy who wanted to record every SID tune available on all three different SID chip models.

To do this, he build a rig that automatically would load the tunes on real C64 hardware. Then play the correct tune while a PC would sample the output directly from the audio.

Each sample was then converted into MP3's and indexed into a large searchable database that was made public. Enjoy!

You can find the project here: and I checked it for myself. Yes, my own productions from back then are there too. Search for 'berggreen'