Commodore 64 - Combat Zone / Battle Zone

Some strange facts about our game:

  1. The company we sold it to, told us they could not find a buyer for the game.
  2. 14 days after selling the game to them for a low price, the germany distributor "Magic Bytes" released the game.
  3. The game-box included 4 games in total. The screenshot for our game (the one shown here) was taken from the early DEMO we send out long time before the game was finished.
  4. They tried to switch the name of our game two or three times under development, because the "market" demanded it, they said ?
  5. Finally they decided that we could call it "Battle Zone", and so they did on the package cover, but inside the game, we have always called it "Combat Zone" - so they sold a game called one thing on the back/cover and says something else inside the game. *LOL!*

Scanning of the original box cover

As you might see on the image, someone has tried to erase the fact, that the screenshot was taken from our early DEMO of the game. And they even did a bad job trying to hide their actions. The text is still readable and says THE DEMO IS OVER which was our watermark on the demo to make sure noone would steal our game.

Carsten Berggreen alias Scarzix