The story about Commodore 64 - my first computer

When I was 13-14 years old I began to play with computers for the first time. A friend of mine, Nino had a Commodore VIC-20 and we played a lot together trying to learn the programming language BASIC on it.

My older brother Jørgen, who is 9 years older than me, bought at that time a Commodore 64. It happend after he had returned his first buy a ZX Spectrum which he told me had too little future.

With a Commodore 64 in the house, I finally had the chance to play GREAT COMPUTER GAMES for "free" - when he allowed me some time at it, that was ;-)

Think of it, a state of the art machine in the house, 64 KB RAM, 16 colors and it could even play music! WILD STUFF for a 13-14 year old boy.

I remember games like: Beach Head, Impossible Mission, Bruce Lee, Falcon Patrol, Thrust, Galaxy, Pitstop, Wizard of War, ELITE, Boulder Dash etc. Not to mention all the later games which seem more and more advanced and they all still could run on the same old CPU and RAM.

I must have been the most annoying little brother at that time, always asking to lend his computer, but hey... I didn't have the money for such a WONDERFULL thing so I played and played all I could on his computer.

Finally Nino and I became "old enough" to be "confirmed christened" and as a gift we both wanted money so we could buy a Commodore computer each. Nino ended up with a C128 and I got the C64. The big step was my brothers advice to go for floppy disk-drive (C1541) from the beginning, so I never had a tape-drive. Thanks for that advice Jørgen!

We became a small group in our school-class, each developing BASIC games and competing in the "best idea", "funniest game" etc. We made small competitions and gave each other points for the results. I remember I won a few times and it was very funny to make something new.

Years went by, we keept practing the coding and went from BASIC language to Machine-Code and Assembler coding. This could be used for DEMO programming.

Later on I was contacted by a guy called Martin. He wanted me to compose some music for barbarian kinda game he was developing on.

This let to a long friendship and he knew another guy called Anders and he could draw some graphic. The three of us decided to try to develop our own computer game for the Commodore 64.

In the late 80'ies we completed a game called Combat Zone, but the marked was going low on the Commodore 64, so we had a hard time trying to sell it.

We managed to sell it, got ourselfs some nice Amiga 500 computers (kinda next step upgrade for us) and this whole new world ended our "co-work" for the time being. We had reached our goal, we had left the Commodore 64 platform and now school/education/girlfriends etc. took most of our time.