Part of the Grid

Since 1986 when I got my first computer, a Commodore 64, I've been locked into the Grid.

I've been around almost every aspect of home-computer programming including:
game-development, intro/demos, musiccomposing, graphical effects for both Commodore 64 and Commdore Amiga 500.

Today I work with PCs, smartdevices, SQL-databases and webdevelopment professionally.

Knowing my my tools in depth enables me to squeeze the best result out of it.

Visual Studio 2008/2010

Awesome IDE from Microsoft. Havent quite found anything better so far. It can be a bit slow, but if you develop for Microsoft platform this is the tool to use.

MonoDevelop (Eclipse IDE)

Developing MONO, the OpenSource equivalant of .NET, this IDE is also part of Unity3D's toolkit - great when you work with C# for other projects too.

SQL servers

Microsoft SQL server series is pretty heavy, but I've come to love it quite a lot for its stability.

MySQL is pretty good too, for small projects, but so far I havent used it for big scaled productions.

IIS webserver

Microsoft Internet Information Server. I can't see how I could work without it. No ASP, no

I might try the Apache someday, to tryout PHP or JSP development, but so far I am happy with and C#

Adobe Photoshop CS4/CS5

The grand master of all imageprograms if you ask me. The fantastic layer and filter controls are amazing.

I'm not a graphic artist, but I am still able to get decent results with a little effort, so prototyping and making texturemaps is quite easy.

Okay, I have made some okay webdesigns, but that was probarbly just luckyshots.

Flash Builder

IDE to build Flash Actionscript programs. It was called FLEX until recently and the latest release from Adobe CS5 will include the ability to publish directly for smartdevices, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Very interesting from a developers point of view.

Media Encoder

Once you have your videomedia, it needs to be converted into the right codec/format for the platform you are going to use it on. RAW HD video on a website isnt very optimal for a fast experience.

Unity3D Game Engine

A 3D game engine developed by a danish company, but its gone worldwide now. Its much like a normal 3D program, but with scripting and events. It includes physics engine among other cool things, and then you can buy the licens for publish to iOS and Android among many.

Mindmapping tools

Visually brainstorming with a mindmap is my favorite way to get a quick overview.


A small utility that enables me to produces unlimited ToDo lists, copy/paste groups of things to do into well-sorted structure and tracking time usages too.

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Feel free to send me a mail if you have questions to my skills or wanna sign me up for a project

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