Part of the Grid

Since 1986 when I got my first computer, a Commodore 64, I've been locked into the Grid.

I've been around almost every aspect of home-computer programming including:
game-development, intro/demos, musiccomposing, graphical effects for both Commodore 64 and Commdore Amiga 500.

Today I work with PCs, smartdevices, SQL-databases and webdevelopment professionally.

Learning how to program a 6502 with an 8-bit assembler on C64 gave me a great insight of how a computer really works.

Spoken and written

I like to both read and write english. As part of my work, it makes more sense to document code in english, when you go back and forth between online documents and your own projects.

I have no problem talking english either, as I play online once a week with foreign friends. We speak over the internet while playing together - secondly I communicate with customers through the Skype client.

Dansk er fint

Jeg taler og skriver dansk. Men som udvikler er mit professionelle sprog engelsk, da alt hvad man læser alligevel oftest er på engelsk/amerikansk.

Number systems

As part of being an old geek from the 8-bit days, I know binary and hexadecimal as others knows their ABC.

This have helped me a lot over the years. Like with webcolors made of #rrggbb (hexadecimal). It also makes it easier to choose the right size/type of a variable when designing SQL-databases and programming structures.

Assembler 8-bit/16-bit

When I was still active on the Commodore platform, I used 8-bit assembler programming for the 6502 CPU to be able to control the rasterbars, smoothscrolling etc.

Once we sold our Commodore 64 game and got ourselfs Amiga 500 I started to use 16-bit assembler language (Motorola 680x0 CPU, a great CPU btw.) and this enabled me to program the Blitter and Copper too. Great fun to have low-level access to the real hardware and not just some driver or layer!

ASP Classic / VBscript / Visual Basic / VBA

Lets face it. VBscript is a simple and BASIC language. I used it for many years to produce webapplications.

You can really produce some crappy code with this language if you arent keeping a good structured design, but its quite powerfull and fast to code, if you are used to better languages such as C/C++ (which I am).

A great platform for developing webapplications, but you need to pick the right Framework for the task. Webforms can be quite an overkill and MVC might be worth a look before choosing.

jQuery / AJAX / HTML5

AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a great way to make the user experience more fluid. If it's used clever it can make a webapplication look as if it's an installed application on the users desktop.

HTML5 seems to be a great next generation standard to solve some of these old client-side problems and I keep my eye on this.

C / C++ / Turbo Pascal

Lovely old languages. Did have a lot of fun with network programming and DOS functions.

I like them for their direct access to the OS, but for productivity the new .NET API is much faster for getting things done.


Yes, I love coffee! Seriously, I've writte one or two programs back in 1998 I think. That was before the Flash engine was standard plugin in browsers.

Havent developed for it since then, so I would need some researching on the library/framework before I was able to develop anything again.

C# / Javascript / Actionscript 3.0

C-sharp, my favorite friend. Microsoft did a good thing when they decided to build this language. C# is great since its similar to ECMA-script, it enables me to convert projects and switch between C-sharp, Javascript and Actionscript 3.0 very quickly and efficient.


With the development of MONO its becomming even more interesting with C# as the choosen language, I think and with the free development IDE called MonoDevelop based upon Eclipse, I see Microsoft having a strong competitor to Visual Studio.

I find it rather funny/perfect that this language was named MONO since my company is called MONOLITH-SYSTEMS.

Databases and query languages

SQL-languages is just a way to SELECT your data FROM a table of data WHERE certain criterias are met. Ofcause you can ORDER your results in a nice way, but I think the strong part of SQL queries are the way to JOIN data.

I really like LINQ too, eventhough a bit slow sometimes, it really helps encapsulate the ugly parts. Entity Framework is great too.

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