Part of the Grid

Since 1986 when I got my first computer, a Commodore 64, I've been locked into the Grid.

I've been around almost every aspect of home-computer programming including:
game-development, intro/demos, musiccomposing, graphical effects for both Commodore 64 and Commdore Amiga 500.

Today I work with PCs, smartdevices, SQL-databases and webdevelopment professionally.

The benefit of knowing 8-bit computers have helped me making more than expected with todays technology.

Here are some of the product-types and projects I've been involved with over the past decade

CMS / Assets control

Reusing data and structure is important to be able to keep systems at a minimum size and maximum speed.

If you keep your data optimal and sorted logically its more effecient to lookup when you need it. This concept is what I call LESS is MORE.

It also helps when your hardware isnt unlimited like in todays smartdevices (eg. mobilephones and tablets) and you want to squeeze that extra level or information into the small memory.

Webcampaign / Marketing

A great area to explore with more crazy approaches for customer events and competitions.

The smartdevices have opened up the market with Apps - and there is a growing business for new ways to sell your product.

Booking and calendar

Building efficient structures that can handle everydays reservations for bookingsystems can be quite demanding.

Storing a date or two isnt a big deal, but once you have 100 people doing 30 tasks a day, you have to think up a good structure so they can access their data quickly and you still are able to maintain the datastructure efficiently.

E-learning and Edutainment

The internet is a great platform for sharing information and the possibilities are far from explored yet.

As the bandwidth and space keeps expanding, I believe we will see more and more of this in the future.

Since 2002 I've been researching on e-learning and I have my own ideas on how to utilize these already. Some of them includes the use of edutainment, by using game development to let the user interact, learn and have fun while doing it.


YouTube has shown the world that videostreaming is here.

When streaming video, its important to know the codecs and their strong/weak points + which platform you support.

E-commerce and micropayment

I find the freemium model quite interesting as this enables customers to try out software before actually spending any money + once you want more its quite simple to subscribe for a small amount. This is absolutly the future of many business models if you ask me.


Sending and receiving text-messages on mobiledevices is a great way to get small simple message back and forth between user and systems.

2-way systems can be quite interesting for validation or notifications. I've developed my own protocol for interacting with my services through gateways.

3D visualization and product presentation

Its a growing market as the bandwidth is going up and the 3D gets more and more widely spread.

With todays smartdevices being able to render realtime 3D there is a great market out there too.

Augmented reality also becomes more and more available, but I still think the prototypes we've seen so far are too simple for really doing much difference. Nice gimmicks, but kinda useless.

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