Part of the Grid

Since 1986 when I got my first computer, a Commodore 64, I've been locked into the Grid.

I've been around almost every aspect of home-computer programming including:
game-development, intro/demos, musiccomposing, graphical effects for both Commodore 64 and Commdore Amiga 500.

Today I work with PCs, smartdevices, SQL-databases and webdevelopment professionally.

Who are you?

IP4 address:

I really look forward to see the future. I am sure its going to be amazing with loads of new ways to interact with computers.

Who am I?

My name is Carsten Berggreen. I was born in 1972. I don't smoke, never have, never will. But I do drink coffee with milk. Lastly as a geek I do like a good pizza and a cold Coca-Cola.

My childhood

My favorite toys were LEGO bricks and I am/was so fortunate to have a bigbrother who sold me all his LEGO so I had a LOT as a kid. A problem with the LEGO at that time, was that once I had build my great world, I still had to move it all around myself.

When my bigbrother bought his first computer, I learned that these machines werent only something you paid to play on, but they could actually be programmed by myself. W00t!

In 1986 I got enough money saved so I bought my first computer. A Commodore 64 and the I was hooked on the grid for real.

Over the years I have been coding demos, intros, composing music, raytracing with Imagine and Lightwave 3D, doing graphic designs etc.

All in all it tought me how the computer works in depth in a great way.

Present time

I have become a father now. My son was born in september 2010 and I enjoy his every breath together with his amazing mother. Together our little family have a lot of fun and I hardly can wait till he is old enough to perhaps gain interest in computers too.

I run my own company called Monolith-Systems or "Monolith" for short and this gives me the pleasure of meeting customers and helping them out with what they find hard: computers and websites.

Problem solver

I love to solve technical algoritmic problems as software architect.

Usually I have 3-5 solutions on a new algoritme before I start coding, so I have to figure out which approach fits the task.

Visualization is something I do a lot, as I seem to be able to solve most problems faster this way and as an extra benefit, its easier to communicate with fellow co-developers in a project-team.

Get in touch with me

Feel free to send me a mail if you have questions to my skills or wanna sign me up for a project

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